“Messi’s Arrival Solidified by Barca’s Shocking Quadruple Scoring Blitz!”

Barcelona are vigorously striving to fulfill Xavi Hernandez’ wishes, with the return of the legendary Leo Messi being at the forefront of their objectives. In pursuit of this goal, the ‘Cules’ must focus on four specific targets to attain the return of the immensely esteemed Argentine star.

The transfer market is currently under the close scrutiny of Barcelona fans, as the club has already secured the La Liga trophy and Joan Laporta is at the helm deliberating on ways to fulfill Xavi’s desires. The pre-season has already been scheduled, and the proficient manager has specifically requested that the new players, if possible, are primed for the American tour. However, the focus is significantly on Messi, who shares a special friendship with Xavi and eagerly anticipates his return to Barcelona, demanding the fulfillment of four crucial goals for his comeback, as per ‘Marca’.

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The first goal is a meeting between Messi and Laporta. The former’s exit had strained their good relationship, albeit Laporta knew he would reinstate the harmony he shared with the Argentine. After winning the league title, the talks to bring him back had started and were going well, with Laporta keen to resolve issues so that Messi could accept the contract offer without reservations.

The second goal is a viability plan. Although the La Liga is taking longer than expected, Barcelona trusts that the employers will approve the long-term project, leading to Leo’s arrival and the registration of the renewed ‘Cules.’

However, for the viability plan to succeed, several players must be sold, including Raphinha, Ferran Torres, Ansu Fati, Franck Kessié, and Jordi Alba’s pay cut, among other things that the club is addressing to earn La Liga’s endorsement.

Saudi Arabia is also looming in the background, aware that Messi desires to stay in Europe, but they are not deterred. On a sporting level, they know they can’t compete with anyone and endeavor to persuade him with a considerable offer.

Finally, Messi hopes that Barcelona will not only make him an offer in line with his talent but that the sporting project would be up to the task. He wants to fight for all titles next season.

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