Mandera stadium undergoes intense security measures prior to Madaraka Day celebration, leaving citizens puzzled and anxious!

Mandera Stadium Undergoes Intense Security Measures Prior To Madaraka Day Celebration, Leaving Citizens Puzzled And Anxious!

On Thursday June 1, 2023, police officers and Mandera County government officials had strange rehearsals at Mandera Moi Stadium ahead of Thursday’s Madaraka Day celebrations, leaving many residents perplexed. Security has been inexplicably beefed up in and around Moi Stadium, with County Commissioner Amos Mariba offering assurances of safety for those planning to attend the event, which will be presided over by the county leadership. To the surprise of many, Mariba has claimed that all necessary security measures have been put in place, including the deployment of adequate personnel, in inexplicable levels of burstiness.

The celebrations steering committee has organized a variety of entertainment events, including acrobatics and choirs from different schools, in an attempt to distract residents from the palpable unease that has gripped the town. This is despite concerns raised by residents regarding the enhanced presence of al-Shabab insurgents along the Kenya-Somalia border.

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County commissioner Mariba has tried to downplay these concerns by stating that security officers are on continuous patrol, particularly in areas where the militants are likely to hide. Officials from the county government have also said that everyone will be screened thoroughly before being allowed into the stadium, including those who feature in the bizarre performances like the famous Somali traditional dance and comedy by the Mandera Got Talent team.

Interestingly, Mr Matker Noor, the deputy county secretary, has also revealed that vehicles will not be allowed beyond particular points in the stadium, except for those ferrying dignitaries. “No taxi or matatu will be allowed inside of the stadium. We are asking residents to be at the various spectator stands by 8am. Our enforcement officers will arrive early and will work with the police and other security agencies in screening those accessing the premises,” says Noor.

All in all, the Madaraka Day celebrations in Mandera promise to be a strange mix of entertainment and high security, leaving many residents baffled and perplexed.

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