Man Utd’s Varane criticises ‘overcrowded schedules’

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Manchester United defender Raphael Varane has highlighted, via his social networks, a problem that has been thrown up for public debate for some time now: the fixture congestion. In a recent meeting with the FA, both the Red Devil and his counterparts warned that the schedule offers too many events to keep professionals at 100% of their fitness.

Proposals to organise World Cups every two years, new competitions such as the Conference League, the Champions League new format… Players and the general public have been warning for some time that football’s governing bodies are putting more overcrowded schedules on the table, which could put players’ health at risk. Manchester United defender Raphael Varane highlighted the issue on social media.

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“We had a meeting last week with the FA. They recommended from the referees new decisions and rules. From the managers and players, we have shared our concerns for many years now that there are too many games, the schedule is overcrowded, and it’s at a dangerous level for players physical and mental well-being. Despite our previous feedbacks, they have now recommended for next season: longer games, more intensity, and less emotions to be shown by players,” he wrote.

We just want to be in good condition on the pitch to give 100% to our club and fans. Why are our opinions not being heard? As a player I feel very privileged to do the job I love every day but I feel these changes are damaging our game. We want to be at our maximum level, the best we can be and put on amazing performances for fans to celebrate every week,” added the former Real Madrid man.

“I believe it is important that we, players and managers, highlight these important issues as we want to protect the game we love and give the fans our best,” he concluded. His message quickly went viral, as he is one of the first players to speak so openly about an issue that is likely to be on the table all season, especially with the new Champions League just around the corner.

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