Man Utd player Antony speaks out, refutes allegations of abuse

Man Utd Player Antony Speaks Out, Refutes Allegations Of Abuse

Manchester United winger Antony has defended himself on Brazilian TV against allegations of abuse made by his ex-partner. In an emotional interview, Antony expressed his determination to reveal the truth and clear his name. He emphasized that Manchester United is fully aware and supportive of the ongoing investigation. Antony also shared the difficulty he faced upon learning that he had been dropped from the Brazil squad, stating that the allegations had taken a toll on him. He vehemently denied ever committing any form of domestic violence, expressing his respect for women and his commitment to proving his innocence. Antony highlighted his aspirations and dreams, expressing his desire to return to the national team and show that he is innocent of the accusations.

During the interview, Antony addressed the specific incident described by his ex-girlfriend. He denied ever assaulting her or causing her physical harm, countering her claims with his own version of events. He recounted a heated argument between them but asserted that he never laid a hand on her. Antony admitted that their relationship had been turbulent and marked by jealousy-driven arguments. However, he firmly denied ever threatening her, whether she was pregnant or not.

Regarding the alleged incident involving a glass, Antony refuted the accusation that he purposefully cut his ex-partner’s finger. He explained that while trying to remove the glass from her, it accidentally broke, causing the injury. Antony maintained that he would never intentionally harm anyone, especially a woman.

In addition, Antony accused his ex-partner of manipulating their WhatsApp messages, claiming that she altered them before their release to the public. He expressed his intention to involve his legal team to ensure all evidence is properly presented and to support the ongoing investigation.

Antony’s interview showcased his determination to defend his integrity and reputation. He insisted that he would provide the necessary evidence to prove his innocence. The emotions he displayed during the interview reflected his distress over the allegations and his eagerness to vindicate himself.

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