Man Utd aims to revive Greenwood’s career through an exclusive Madrid villa lease at £8,000 per month

Man Utd Aims To Revive Greenwood's Career Through An Exclusive Madrid Villa Lease At £8,000 Per Month

According to an article in the ‘Daily Mail’, Manchester United is taking steps to assist Mason Greenwood in rebuilding his career in Spain. The talented footballer has joined Getafe on loan in an effort to redeem himself and continue his professional journey in La Liga.

Greenwood has been embroiled in controversy following allegations of sexual abuse, which led to an investigation by Manchester United. As a result, he has not played since January 22, 2022, and now faces the challenge of regaining his form to compete at the highest level in Spain. However, he is slated to make a formal return to Old Trafford in June 2024.

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In order to support Greenwood’s career rehabilitation, Manchester United is committed to providing him with every possible assistance. They are willing to go to great lengths to help him overcome his past mistakes and pave the way for a successful future. As part of this commitment, the club will cover the expenses for a luxurious six-bedroom villa located near the Alfonso Perez Coliseum, costing them more than £8,000 a month. Additionally, Greenwood will have access to a translator who will be available to assist him 24 hours a day.

Not only will Greenwood receive extensive support, but he will also receive significant financial compensation. He is set to earn over £300,000 per month, ensuring maximum comfort and facilitating his progress as a professional footballer.

(Source: September 3, 2023)

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