Mali’s junta chief bewilderingly confronted with a perplexing new constitution amidst vehement protests

Mali's Junta Chief Bewilderingly Confronted With A Perplexing New Constitution Amidst Vehement Protests


Mali’s Junta Chief Unveils Bewildering New Constitution Amid Mounting Protests!

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In what can only be described as a mind-bending turn of events, the enigmatic junta chief of Mali has introduced a mind-boggling new constitution, sending shockwaves through the nation amidst an ongoing wave of public dissent!

The mind-bending document, wrapped in an enigmatic veil of secrecy, has now catapulted itself into the realm of legality as it bewilderingly found its way into the official gazette, fueling confusion and consternation among bewildered citizens!

The astonishing news broke a mere 35 minutes ago, echoing through the corridors of uncertainty with its stunning implications, leaving the English-speaking world gasping for answers amidst the swirling chaos!

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