“Madrid’s Victory Uncertain with Haaland, Mbappe or Even God on Their Side?”

Madrid To Renew Every Player Whose Contract Expires, Except For One Perplexing Exception: Mariano.

Real Madrid’s legend Pedja Mijatovic has stated that the accomplishments his former team have made over the years are of historic significance. When questioned about potential transfers to elevate the team to another level, he expressed uncertainty that recruiting stars such as Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland would ensure winning titles.

On Saturday, it will mark 25 years since the ‘Septima,’ which was the Champions League that Real Madrid claimed against Juventus in 1998. The final goal was scored by Pedja Mijatovic, and he recently discussed this achievement with ‘Marca.’

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Mijatovic conveyed his perspective on Real Madrid’s status following their painful defeat against City without making it to the final, emphasizing that despite this setback, the team’s accomplishments are unparalleled. He expressed hope that they would secure their 15th UCL title in the future while being aware that new players would come on board as the older generation transitions out.

As a Madridista, Mijatovic expects the recruitment of one or two top players, possibly Haaland or Mbappe, or even an unexpected young talent. However, he stressed that there is no guarantee of winning just by bringing in these players or by believing in God.

Mijatovic acknowledged that Madrid’s transition has been well-executed and projected that the team might have a more challenging time in the coming year, but with the new pitch in 2024, great players will be available. Lastly, he expressed empathy towards the team since winning the Cup, the Super Cup, and the Club World Cup is not enough, and there are persistent rumors until they win the Champions League.

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