Madrid’s Valverde Astonished Fans with His Crucial Goal against Real Sociedad

Madrid's Valverde Astonished Fans With His Crucial Goal Against Real Sociedad

Fede Valverde, the Uruguayan midfielder for Real Madrid, scored the equalizing goal against Real Sociedad in their recent 2-1 victory. After the match, Valverde spoke to the club’s official television channel and admitted that the way he hit the ball was not intentional, as he was actually aiming for a different type of shot.

“I can’t believe it myself. I didn’t intend to do that,” Valverde confessed. Despite his surprise, he expressed his satisfaction in being able to contribute to the team with goals, assists, and energy, highlighting his value to the squad.

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Reflecting on the game, Valverde believed that his team deserved the win after overcoming an early goal from Barrenetxea. He mentioned that they had numerous scoring opportunities in the first half but failed to convert them. Despite the setback, the quick goal they scored right after the second-half restart proved to be a turning point in their favor.

“We were performing well. Although there are games when things don’t go our way, today we were solid and all we needed was a goal,” Valverde explained. He praised the team’s efforts and mentioned that their gameplay was sufficient to secure a victory. They gave their best on the field.

Valverde expressed his satisfaction with his role in the midfield and acknowledged his good understanding and connection with Carvajal on the right flank. He also praised his teammate Joselu Mato, who scored the winning goal, emphasizing his fantastic performance and dedication in driving the team forward.

Overall, Valverde’s insights provided valuable perspectives on the match and shed light on his individual and team contributions.

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