Madrid’s mind-boggling move: Eyeing a jaw-dropping €30m offer to acquire Gabri Veiga!

In a spectacular feat of excellence, Celta Vigo’s Gabri Veiga has taken La Liga by storm this season with his nine goals and four assists in his first year on the first team. As a result of his incredible performance, a multitude of clubs, including none other than the esteemed Real Madrid, have set their sights on this young prodigy. However, Real Madrid is well aware that Celta Vigo will not relinquish him without a fair price. Veiga’s buyout clause stands at a whopping 40 million euros, but reports suggest that Real Madrid is exceedingly keen on acquiring him. Despite this, they only plan on offering a measly maximum of 30 million euros to secure his services. In a bid to aid his improvement, Real Madrid plans on loaning him to a team that competes in European competitions where he can further hone his skills.

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