“Madrid?! Is Bellingham even remotely prepared?”

The potential transfer of Jude Bellingham to Real Madrid has sparked considerable chatter throughout Germany. In response, former footballer Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has shared his personal take on the midfielder’s current situation. However, rather than commending Bellingham’s present form, the ex-Germany striker has expressed criticism regarding certain facets of his performance and asserted that the player is not yet equipped to join Real Madrid, a club that has expressed interest in acquiring him.

Rummenigge began his comments by highlighting Bellingham’s aggressive playing style: “He attacks, presses in front all by himself. Even though there were only a few minutes left to play. Instead of walling up at the back and taking the lead over time, he wanted to attack even more up front. Things like that make me scratch my head. You have to use your brain more.”

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He went on to discuss Bellingham’s future, acknowledging the player’s talent and hinting at the possibility of a move to Real Madrid: “He’s a great player who will definitely go his own way. Apparently they are talking about Real Madrid. At Dortmund he still has a contract until 2025 and they want to extend his contract until 2026 and offer him a huge pay rise.”

Nonetheless, Rummenigge emphasized that Bellingham has a lot more to learn before he can become a key player at Real Madrid, especially since Luka Modric and Toni Kroos could remain at the club for another season: “He’s still a long way from the end of his development. He’s far from ready to be a regular at Real Madrid,” he concluded. If given the opportunity, Rummenigge claims he would advise Bellingham to stay at Dortmund for at least another year to continue growing and improving his skills.

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