Lucas Hernandez’s blunt assessment of Barca: “They have substantial room for improvement”

Lucas Hernandez's Blunt Assessment Of Barca: "they Have Substantial Room For Improvement"

In one of PSG’s recent training sessions, an incident off-topic of football was captured on the club’s official cameras. Kylian Mbappe, the star player, jokingly asked the new arrival Ousmane Dembele if he was going to sing, a common prank played on newcomers. In response, Lucas Hernandez, formerly of Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid, made a controversial comment that has caused quite a stir.

Lucas Hernandez’s comment was, “How is a team like Barcelona, whom he referred to as a ‘sh*tty team,’ going to teach you to sing?” It’s worth noting that Lucas has a football background closely tied to Barcelona’s eternal rivals, Real Madrid, and his comment has angered Barcelona fans who have taken to social media to criticize him.

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Mbappe’s exact phrase before Lucas insulted Barcelona was, “You come from Barcelona, brother, are you not going to sing?” To this, Lucas added his insult. The conversation took place in a casual setting where the players didn’t expect to be overheard.

Although Lucas Hernandez’s insult has caused controversy, it should be seen as a minor incident. The defender has never publicly disrespected Barcelona, despite facing them eight times in his career. He has a record of four wins, two draws, and two defeats against the Catalan giants, including the historic 2-8 Champions League defeat.

Source: August 28, 2023

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