#The Tinder dating app is gaining in popularity


The US dating app Tinder had 1.5 million more users during the second quarter of the year than during the corresponding period last year. On average, 5.2 million people used Tinder during the quarter, according to the company Match Group, which owns the app.

During the period, Tinder launched two news: read receipts to see if the other person has read a message, and a feature that allows the user to pay to be more easily noticed by others. Match Group also released a less resource-intensive version of the app, Tinder Lite, in individual countries in Southeast Asia and South America.

The Tinderapp lets users create a profile and then decide if they are interested in dating other people by dragging their finger left or right on the mobile screen. The movement has given rise to the term “swipe right” from the English “swipe right” which means that a person is considered attractive.


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