Libya expels 250 African and Asian migrants lacking proper documentation

Libya Expels 250 African And Asian Migrants Lacking Proper Documentation

On Thursday, September 7, 2023, Libyan Interior Minister Imed Trabelsi made an announcement regarding the deportation of more than 250 undocumented migrants from sub-Saharan African nations and Asia. He confirmed that these individuals were sent back to their respective countries.

During a press briefing, Minister Imed Trabelsi stated, “Today, a diverse group of individuals hailing from Somalia, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria were deported from the Tarik al-Sikka detention centre.” This action is part of Libya’s efforts to address the issue of undocumented migration within its borders.

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Earlier in August, tensions arose at the border when Tunisia and Libya faced a crisis concerning the sheltering of hundreds of stranded migrants. However, on August 10, these North African nations came to an agreement to share the responsibility of providing aid and support to these individuals. The resolution brought an end to the month-long turmoil which started with mass expulsions of migrants by Tunisian authorities.

Witnesses, human rights groups, and UN agencies report that approximately 2,000 migrants, mainly from sub-Saharan African countries, were driven to the remote desert area of Ras Jedir by Tunisian authorities and left without assistance. This situation sparked widespread concern and necessitated immediate action.

(Source: Additional information sourced from AFP)

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