Liberia: Ruling Party Calls for Removal of Electoral Body’s ‘Database Director’


The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, led by President George Weah, has requested the dismissal of Rev. Isaac Samuel Zahn, the Director of the Database at the National Elections Commission (NEC). In a letter dated October 11, the ruling party expressed concerns that Zahn, who they claim has ties to the opposition Unity Party, could undermine the credibility of the election results if he remains in his position. The letter, signed by Party Chairman Mulbah Morlu and addressed to NEC Chairperson Davidetta Brown-Lansanah, states that removing Zahn would protect the integrity and credibility of the election results.

The NEC Chair has confirmed receiving the letter, and a conference has been scheduled for the ruling party to present and defend their claims against Zahn. The party has included a link in their complaint as evidence of Zahn’s affiliation with the Unity Party.

The letter from Morlu argues that Zahn’s alleged association with Joshua Milton Blahyi, a former rebel leader aligned with the Unity Party, is problematic since Zahn still has control over the Commission’s database. The ruling party also raises concerns about the NEC collation process, accusing the electoral body of deviating from standard practice by printing tally sheets with the signatures of NEC staff instead of party agents. The letter also points out widespread mathematical errors on the tally sheets, which could introduce miscalculations into the process.

Morlu also accuses NEC staff of not providing party agents with copies of the tally sheet at the end of the counting process on election night.