Lewandowski expresses his opinion on Xavi’s style of play: “Insufficient focus on attacking players”

Lewandowski Expresses His Opinion On Xavi's Style Of Play: "insufficient Focus On Attacking Players"

FC Barcelona’s Robert Lewandowski recently had an interview with ‘Eleven Sports’ where he discussed his team’s performance at the start of the season. The Polish striker expressed his concern about the lack of support in the attack during certain situations.

Lewandowski’s start to the season has not been as anticipated. He has only managed to score one goal in the three La Liga games he has played so far. In his interview with ‘Eleven Sports,’ he talked about his initial performance.

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While providing his critique, Lewandowski acknowledged that as a team like Barcelona, they are not just expected to win but also play attractive attacking football. However, lately, they have been struggling to live up to these expectations, resulting in fewer chances created during games. The striker mentioned that when players like Ferran or Ansu come on the pitch, who are known for their attacking abilities, it leads to more chances being generated. Therefore, he believes that at times, the team lacks enough attacking players and he doesn’t receive the necessary support.

Furthermore, Lewandowski spoke about his current form and mentioned that he needs to maintain his level and improve with each game. He emphasized that the season is long, and it’s important to focus on finishing strong rather than worrying too much about the initial performance.

Considering his experience, Lewandowski stated that he seeks the best solution not only for himself but also for the team. He acknowledged that being tightly marked by two centre-backs makes it difficult for him to receive the ball and create scoring opportunities. He expressed his frustration about not getting many chances to score in several matches and sometimes having to create his own opportunities.

Overall, Lewandowski remains optimistic that things will improve as the season progresses and he aims to find the right solutions for himself and the team.

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