“Letitia Wright to Portray Ramla Ali?! What a Mind-Boggling, Burst of Surprising News in the Upcoming Film on a Boxer’s Life!”


Thursday May 11, 2023

In a mind-boggling revelation, the legendary life of Ramla Ali, the Somali British boxer, will soon be transformed onto the silver screen. Lo and behold, one of Hollywood’s revered actresses has been entrusted to portray Ali in the much-awaited movie, “In The Shadows”. The dynamic and versatile Letitia Wright will essay the lead role of Ali in this poignant tale, which delves into her family’s escape from Somalia and their journey to London, alongside her evolution as a formidable boxer while maintaining her endeavours incognito from her family.

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The Tokyo Olympics of 2021 witnessed Ali acing her bout, thereby becoming the first-ever boxer, regardless of gender, to represent Somalia in the games. Speaking to ESPN, Ali revealed that the movie had been in its developmental stages for several years, and it never felt like a viable prospect until Wright approached her. Having listened to a podcast about Ali’s life, Wright expressed her interest in portraying her on-screen while meeting her at an Alexander McQueen fashion show in London last year.

Ali further divulged, “She was so bold about it. She just decided flat-out that she wanted to do this, asked me the first time we met, which was really cool. Her personality really reminded me of myself. She’s one of those — just like me — she’s one of those souls that waits for no one.” Wright, who soared to fame through her breakthrough performance as Shuri in 2018’s “Black Panther” and also starred in the sequel, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, is excited to essay the role of Ali.

Anthony Wonke, the Oscar-nominated director, helms the movie, and it has been produced by Oscar nominees Lee Magiday, Madeleine Sanderson and Letitia Wright. Ali, who holds a privileged position as a model with Cartier and Dior in addition to pioneering her non-profit organization called Sisters Club, states that Wright is the ultimate choice to play her role. The latter had attended Ali’s recent triumphant boxing match against Avril Mathie at The Theater at Madison Square Garden, where she waved the Somalia flag while Ali entered the ring.

The movie is anticipated to release the following year, and Ali’s next boxing match is scheduled to occur in New Orleans on June 17. Letitia Wright is thrilled and considers it a tremendous honour to portray Ramla Ali, calling her an “incredible woman of strength, dedication, and perseverance whose journey will impact many lives.”

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