what time frame for the transition after the new postponement of

The Chadian government has agreed to postpone the national dialogue, which was to begin next week indefinitely, to enable the conclusion of Doha negotiations with the political-military groups. This third postponement further acknowledges the impossibility of completing the transition within the 18-month period, which had been the subject of an agreement with the African Union and its partners. If the announcement of the postponement was unanimously welcomed as the only possible solution, the rest of the process is still uncertain.

On the side of MPS, ex-president Idriss Déby’s party, we believe in a quick end to Dohato organize the dialogue in June-July. “We hope that by the end of the 18 months we will have the foundations for a constitution, an electoral law and a CENI (Electoral Commission),” said Jean-Bernard Padaré. “The transition can not continue forever”, emphasizes the spokesman for the late Idriss Déby’s party.

With the rainy season, other players believe that nothing is possible before October. A moderate opponent and member of the National Transitional Council, Théophile Bongoro, already imagines that the 18-month period will be renewed by the authorities.

Transitional President Mahamat Idriss Déby will soon begin consultations to consider a new date for dialogue, but, warns government spokesman, “we must not be obsessed with the calendar, the first of the promises is to do things by being truly inclusive.” . Abderaman Koulamallah refuses to project himself at the end of the 18 months: “The delay is not our fault, the partners know it, they will come with us.”

On the side of those who refuse the current forms of dialogue, Success Masra has a more definite opinion. “It is the authorities who have committed themselves to this deadline, if it is not met, it will be their failure. The government and partners must learn from this. The transition now needs a second wind, adds the leader of Transformers.

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