Villa Somalia’s bizarre statement will not save the rogue AU envoy

The man who has occupied Villa Somalia remains a peculiar, secluded figure. He has rarely appeared or spoken publicly in person. Not much has been seen of him virtually either. Somalis barely know who their president is, what he is doing, or what his policies and priorities are for over five years. It has been extremely difficult to assess his competencies and performance.

This statement posted by Villa Somalia on Twitter has given the public a rare opportunity to take a look at the man in charge of their national fate. The declaration is the President’s response to the Prime Minister’s decision to expel the Special Representative of the President of the Commission of the African Union, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, to participate in activities “incompatible with his status.”

The public’s reaction to the statement shows a widespread sense of disappointment and disapproval. The reasons that led the people to reach this verdict are many. But the overall feeling was that the President’s statement was disproportionate, degrading, arrogant, offensive, inappropriate and ill-designed in terms of language, tone and decor.

In particular, the declaration seems to reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of the origin and significance of the fantastic powers conferred on the President. The president seems to believe that he and he alone are the state, the government, and the law. His understanding of sovereignty, foreign policy, and national interests also seems inseparable from his personal whims and private feelings. The sole purpose of the President’s statement is to strike a blow, insult, humiliate and ignore the Prime Minister, unaware, even unaware, that the Prime Minister is leading the Council of Ministers and governing the country on the basis of powers entrenched. in the Constitution. In addition, the president seems unaware of the serious and corrosive crisis of legitimacy that is destroying his presidency, given that his constitutional term ended more than a year ago.

Most importantly, the declaration shows monumental shortcomings in character, qualities, abilities, ethos and subtleties that are crucial to knowing when and how to exercise the presidency’s enormous powers, in whose best interest and at what cost. In fact, these qualities seem to be more evident in the Prime Minister than the President in this particular meeting. A quick look at the Prime Minister’s letter and the President’s statement would confirm this basic fact.

This statement will not save the corrupt, maliciously incompetent and unjust envoy, Francisco Madeira. Given his track record and his recent alleged gross violations, the President of the Commission of the African Union has no credible option other than to recall him.

But the statement sheds more light on the author’s confused state. The public now knows a little more about their hooded and subdued president.


By Hassan KeynanThe author is an independent columnist and writer.

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