Ukraine: António Guterres announces that “a second evacuation

“As we speak, a second evacuation is underway, a second UN and ICRC convoy is targeting civilians in the city of Mariupol,” António Guterres announced on Wednesday night in an exclusive interview with RFI.

“Other evacuations are being prepared,” added the UN Secretary-General, who in this interview returned to the difficult negotiations he had on April 26 in Moscow with Vladimir Putin: “It was with strength and emotion that I told him about the need to evacuate. civilians from the Mariupol steel plant, and at the end of our exchange, this allowed President Putin to promise to look into the matter, and a few minutes later, his foreign minister announced that there was an agreement in principle.

How is it that even the UN Secretary-General can not get a ceasefire? “It shows that the power of the UN Secretary-General is much less than we think,” António Guterres replies with the sincerity of an experienced politician before immediately adding: “But I will not withdraw and I will never lose hope.

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