The South African power plant explodes in just one week

An explosion has temporarily put South Africa’s largest coal-fired power plant out of operation, just a week after it came online.

The state power plant Eskom announced that an explosion occurred at Medupi power station late on Sunday evening for reasons that are still unknown. Although there were reportedly no injuries, a total of seven employees had to be treated for shock.

The power plant came online just a week ago, about 14 years after construction began, the delay due to several costs and time limit violations. Medupi, which can generate up to 4,764 megawatts of electricity, is one of the world’s largest coal-fired power plants and costs 122 billion rand ($ 8.3 billion). The plant is expected to be in operation for 50 years.

Despite global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and invest in renewable energy sources, coal-rich South Africa continues to rely on fossil fuels, which supply 75% of the country’s energy supply.


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