the National Commission on Human Rights is concerned

The National Commission on Human Rights said it was “concerned” this Sunday, May 15, 2022, in a statement about the “increase in tensions” and the recently resumed “sporadic fighting” between Tigrayan and pro-government forces. Concerns expressed when reports from Tigray indicate renewed military activity.

The cost of renewed war and Tigray would be “unmanageable,” said the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, which responded on Sunday to a series of war statements in recent days.

In fact, the head of state of Tigray Debretsion Gebremichael on Friday declared that he was entering “the last phase of the struggle” after the “failure” of the dialogue with the government. What the boss Amhara militiamen from the disputed Wolkait region, Colonel Demeke Zewdu responded by urging his people to “defend themselves against the Tigrayan attacks”. And the Amhara Peace and Security Council to get involved, given that Tigray had thereby “declared war” on it.

A recruitment campaign The absence of independent witnesses makes it difficult to really assess the situation on the ground. But it is true that the political stalemate is total, which exacerbates the humanitarian emergency for the Tigrayans as the rainy season approaches. Clashes have recently taken place with, among others, the Eritrean army.

Several sources mention military preparations at the borders. And an investigation by the Reuters agency also revealed, on Tuesday, an aggressive campaign for forced recruitment in Tigray in recent months.

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