the end of the submission of applications to the perch

In less than a week, the 255 Ivorian deputies will be asked to elect the president of the National Assembly. The former Amadou Soumahoro succumbed to a long illness on May 7. Adama Bictogo, who took over as interim, was appointed to wear the colors of the RHDP. For the opposition, it is more complicated.

as reported from Abidjan, Peter Pinto

If we rely on arithmetic, Adama Bictogo should be chosen next Tuesday on the perch. His party RHDP has an absolute majority. And if the youngest in the congregation, Deputy Naya Jarvis Zamblé for some time has expressed the ambition to present herself, she quickly fell in line in the name of party discipline.

Adama Bictogo, if elected to the presidency of the Assembly, will also leave his position as executive secretary of the RHDP under a new unwritten rule that there is no department president on the executive board of the presidential party.

Things are more complicated in opposition. About ten days ago, PDCI deputy Jean-Michel Amankou submitted his candidacy publicly, but without the approval of his party. And on Tuesday night after the closing of the filing of files, the PDCI had still not officially invested in a candidate.

“I will go to the end, the Ivorian people are watching us”, promises for his part Jean Michel Amankou who does not despair of finally getting the official takeover. But who is involved in a conflict with the president of the PDCI group, Simon Doho, who asked him to withdraw.

At PPA-CI, where we are committed to supporting the candidate presented by PDCI, we are puzzled. “If the PDCI does not have a candidate, we will take note,” said a senior party official. The 18 pro-Gbagbo deputies could then abstain.

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