tensions at BEAC regarding the recruitment competition

After the Central African cryptocurrency affair, it is the management of the internal recruitment competition for agents of the Bank of Central African States that is the subject of debate. The governor of the central bank, the Chadian Abbas Mahamat Tolli, is suspected by the Central African finance minister, Hervé Ndoba, who also heads the board of the BEAC, of ​​having favored relatives. In a letter addressed to the governor, Hervé Ndoba therefore requests the suspension of the employment competition. But Abbas Mahamat Tolli believes that the charges against him are totally unfounded.

“I instruct you to immediately suspend this recruitment process,” writes Hervé Ndoba in a letter dated August 1 addressed to the governor of BEAC. If he does not give any details, the Central African Finance Minister apparently believes that candidates for the internal recruitment competition at the central bank, received in writing, are close friends of Abbas Mahamat Tolli.

The governor acknowledges that three of his relatives have passed the scriptures, but he condemns any nepotism. “I have never been accused of corruption or nepotism, it is not on the detour of a recruitment of the bank for a year and a half of my mandate that I will commit such a crime. »

Nothing prohibits within BEAC the nurturing of connections between managers to present themselves to the competition for recruitment. For the Central African Finance Minister, Hervé Ndoba, the governor’s situation “seriously damages the bank’s image. »

Following the tensions surrounding the cryptocurrency created by Bangui, Governor Abbas Mahamat Tolli refuses to point out the responsibility of a state in this recruitment affair. “I am not trying to find out who is behind this, there were no irregularities in the organization of this competition, that is what I will say at this time.”

Despite the controversy, Governor Abbas Mahamat Tolli therefore confirmed that recruitment within BEAC was continuing. The oral presentation will be held at the end of the summer.

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