still no damages for parents of victims of

Thirteen young people were found dead at a police station in Brazzaville in 2018, while they were in police custody. It turned out that they were mainly unemployed or students. Justice had sentenced the state by 2020 to pay 15 million CFA francs to each family. These families are angry that no money has been paid to them.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

Logically, the payment must be made within three months after domen. But more than a year later, the families still have not received anything. Casimir Ngakala, one of the leaders of the collective of parents of victims from Chacona police station, came to ask about their situation in the office of the lawyer who accompanies the file. He came from there very disappointed and visibly angry.

Despite the payment agreement from the authorities, Casimir Ngakala states that the heads of the Treasury do not have the will to pay out: “The money [au Trésor]there is. You think the Treasury can go all day without withdrawing money. They make expenses and ours are programmed into the Ministry of Finance’s expenses. But they do not. There is probably no cash. What money! After all, the Treasury is not a small bank ”.

“Parents got no francs” The victims’ lawyer, Me Steve Bagne, is more than scandalized. “It’s really sad. I’m sorry. The parents did not get a penny to repair the immeasurable damage they suffered,” the lawyer regrets.

At the moment, the families who say they are not yet done with their grief have no plans to demonstrate or try other legal measures.

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