“status quo” following the announcement by al-Burhan of a government

The Sudanese political forces continue to analyze the speech of the army chief, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, during which the man who has led the Sudanese state since his coup on October 25 announced that the field is free for the civilian forces to form a government, at the end of a dialogue process in which the army will not participate. The announcement came when popular mobilization had intensified in recent days, with an impressive opposition march on Thursday demanding that the army leave power.

In Khartoum this Tuesday morning, the mood is in confabulation. General al-Burhan’s announcement surprised everyone. The Forces of Freedom and Change, the coalition of political parties and associations born during the 2019 revolution, has been holding meetings since that night to decipher it. They say they will soon communicate a common position.

On the side of the powerful Communist Party, no official reaction yet. As for the various resistance committees that organize and monitor the popular movement, and which now occupy several public places in Khartoum, in its suburbs and in several cities in the country, the climate is an extreme distrust of the military. A few have already said publicly that it does not change anything for them.

IGAD Summit Especially since, on Monday night, two hours after General al-Burhan’s speech, security forces went to break up several violent sit-ins, especially those at Al-Jawda Hospital in Khartoum and Omdurman South. That said, it was reformed in Khartoum overnight, according to a local source.

Today, attention is also focused on Nairobi, where an extraordinary summit for the regional organization IGAD is taking place. General al-Burhan is present, as are the UN, and all senior officials in the region. We are awaiting details of the diplomatic follow-up that will be given by the announcement by the Chief of the Sudanese Army.

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