Somalia expels corrupt AU diplomats due to leaked voice recording

MOGADISHU (AXADLE) Somalia’s federal government on Thursday expelled top diplomat from the African Union in Somalia, Francisco Madeira, after a leaked voice recording circulating online in which he insulted certain communities in Somalia and the country’s prime minister.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble ordered Mr. Madeira to leave the country within 48 hours. “The Office of the Prime Minister of Somalia’s Federal Government has the honor to inform the President of the AU Commission that the Somali Government has declared the Special Representative of the President of the Commission of the Commission of Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, Persona non Grata to take part in actions incompatible with his status as a representative of the Commission of the African Union and is ordered to leave Somalia within 48 hours, “wrote Prime Minister Roble.

The Prime Minister’s letter received unanimous support from the general public and the alliance of the opposition candidates.

Mr. Madeira, a 68-year-old Mozambican diplomat, has served seven years as head of the African Union mission in Somalia.

Politicians, officials and members of the media community described Mr. Madeira as the “worst corrupt diplomat ever to operate in Somalia”.

“He was a well-known corrupt big fish in the Halane camp,” a State Department official said.

That was not the only thing. An internal report from the African Union (AU) in June 2020 criticizes Francisco Madeira for abusing employees – including refusing to provide sanitary napkins – by using foul language, hijacking Amisom donations to gain political mileage and taking sides in situations where the mission is expected to be neutral.

“Madeira introduced an erratic leadership and leadership style, characterized by fear, suspicion, threats, corruption, favoritism, bullying and intimidation,” the report added, warning that if left unchecked, the mission could fail to use its position to support it. political process in Somalia.

On Saturday, AU chairman Mousa Fakki refused to accept the deportation of Mr. Madeira. But that only made the situation worse. A letter from the Somali Minister of Internal Security ordered the immigration authorities to deny Mr. Madeira, which is currently in Nairobi, entry into the country.

“I hereby instruct immigration and airport officials to refuse Mr. Madeira entry into the country and cancel all of his permit statues,” said the letter signed by the Minister of Internal Security, Abdullahi Mohamed Nur.

Authorities also introduced a directive to close the airport section serving UN diplomatic flights.


Just as Prime Minister Roble expelled Mr Madeira, a leaked audio recording circulated on Madeira online. It depicts the AU’s Special Representative for Somalia making inflammatory remarks against Prime Minister Roble and two former presidents.

In the audio, the special envoy seemed to justify incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s use of military force to pursue political goals.

In this sound, Madiera bats launch undocumented attacks and smear the Somali opposition politicians as well as the presidents of the federal member states of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni, Jubbaland’s Ahmed Mohamed Islaam and the US government.

The diplomat of the African Union also says that “the electoral process will be stopped”, which clearly indicates a plan to interrupt the ongoing electoral process in Somalia.

However, the outgoing president, Mohamed Farmaajo, has opposed Farmaajo’s move to get him to leave the country.

Furthermore, in his leaked sound, Mr. Madeira shamelessly party while making a ruthless remark about the killing of the late female legislator Amina Mohamed Abdi, who was killed in the suicide bombing in Beledweyne last month.

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