several bodies were found beheaded in Ituri

At least 17 bodies were found in Irumu Territory, north of Ituri. According to the army, only the heads of some of the dead were found. The disintegrating bodies have not yet been identified.

It was villagers who went to look for food that made the macabre discovery. Not far from the Bakalima hill, a canoe drifting on the Ituri River contained several severed heads. On the banks of the river, the alarmed soldiers found crumbling bodies.

At least 17 people were killed, but at present the condition of these bodies did not allow them to be identified. Several sources, for their part, explain that some of them may be villagers who have been kidnapped byADFs ten days ago in the village of Bamande not far from there.

The Islamic State-affiliated group has not claimed responsibility for the killings, but a local observer believes it is very similar to their working methods. The ADF regularly attacks, terrorizes and plunders the villages and sometimes it is the inhabitants who are forced into the bush to carry the prey from their invaders there. After which these carriers are either released or killed.

The only legitimate authority in the region due to the state of siege, the army required specialized expertise to understand the circumstances surrounding the beheading of Bakalima.

In addition, nine other people were killed on Thursday further north in Djugu’s territory. The attack was carried out this time by Codeco militiamen, according to local civil society.

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