one dead and at least 60 prisoners were released in the attack

Armed men launched an attack on the prison in the northwestern city of Nouna between May 7 and 8. A traditional Dozo fighter, a civilian assistant to the security forces, was killed and 65 prisoners were released.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

It was around midnight last night that a group of armed men launched an assault on the town of Nouna, located in the Mouhoun loop, in the northwest of the country. “The whole city was surrounded by armed men who fired heavy weapons,” said one witness. The detention and correctional facility was the main target for these armed men. It was “almost completely destroyed,” said a security source.

The attackers arrived in several vehicles and on motorcycles and opened fire on the prison with 12.7 and PKMS machine guns and Kalashnikov rifles. They left behind walls full of bullets, slammed doors, vehicles, offices searched or set on fire. About sixty prisoners were released and equipment was taken away.

The security forces and their civilian aid organizations tried to respond. And the fighting lasted for several hours, according to witnesses on the spot. “There were shootings until 05.00”, emphasizes a resident. “The situation is very deplorable,” continues our source.

According to witnesses, members of armed terrorist groups had made several sporadic intrusions into the city of Nouna before this attack on the prison.

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