Joseph Kabila’s PPRD is getting ready for battle

The PPRD, the former head of state’s political party, is preparing for its next congress. Joseph Kabila himself is in charge. On Saturday, May 14, he chaired a preparatory meeting for Congress, which was originally scheduled for this May, but which will finally be held next June.

as reported from Kinshasa,Patient Ligodi

It is during this Congress that the party will define the main guidelines for the next election. Among the themes that could be discussed is the question of possible alliances. Recently, the PPRD joined the so-called patriotic bloc, which brings together civic organizations, secular movements and parties such as Martin Fayulus Ecide, which is protesting for more consensus on the electoral reforms being discussed in parliament.

Joseph Kabila’s candidacy for presidential election There will also be a question during Congress to discuss the issue of candidacies. Recently, some relatives of the former president had raised the possibility that he would run for president. Joseph Kabila himself has never commented on the issue, but his entourage insists and confirms that he has not yet retired from politics.

It is also possible to see the party chancellery replaced during this congress, given today’s political issues. In the meantime, an ad hoc commission has been set up to prepare for the establishment of a congressional preparatory committee. It consists of five members of the PPRD’s political bureau, members who are also part of the party’s major current figures.

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