in search of levers to ease the tension between

During the second day of the Katangese Unity and Reconciliation Forum, on Wednesday, May 18, in Lubumbashi, participants discussed in particular the causes of disagreement. The question is: how do you get out of it? The discussions organized by the workshop take place behind closed doors and will last for two days.

as reported from Lubumbashi,Denise Mahého

For more than three hours, the 450 participants in conciliation forum between katangeser has, among other things, analyzed the causes of the conflicts between them. For some, the administrative division in 2015, in addition to fights in political chapels, caused divisions between the communities that previously belonged to a single province.

It is difficult to go back, as Raymond Muyumba Maila explains: “If we demand reunification, we will split further. For some have already bitten into what I call butter. They see their interests and not Katangas.”

An opinion also shared by Senator Kaumba Lufunda, another speaker: “We can no longer mourn the new administrative cartography. The time to do so has passed. Now we are gaining momentum.”

For some participants, there are on the one hand the rich provinces of Lualaba and Haut-Katanga, and on the other hand Tanganyika and Haut-Lomami, which are considered poor regions. Shadrack Mukad, a civil society member from Lualaba, has a well-thought-out project that he intends to share:

“For example, the province of Lualaba is considering building a road connecting Kolwezi with Kamina to allow communities from there to evacuate their goods. Haut-Katanga could also build a road running from Lubumbashi to Kalemie. So when there are communication roads, investors will not to hesitate to go there. ”

Shadrack Mukad hopes his proposal will be retained during the recommendations and declaration on Friday, at the end of the Katanga Unity Forum.

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