Hundreds of pro-Saïed protesters gather at

In Tunis, President Kaïs Saïed, despite criticism from the political opposition and an unimproved economic situation, can still count on his support. A few hundred of them gathered this Sunday, May 8, in Tunis.

as reported from Tunis, Lilia Blaise

The slogans against politicians and corrupt are identical to those that could be heard the day after July 25, 2021 and taking over the management of Kaïs Saïed. Nine months later, hundreds of protesters gathered this Sunday morning on Avenue Bourguiba, in the Tunisian capital, at the urging of several supporters of the head of state.

Flag around the neck, Emna, 53, still supports the president’s decision, such as dissolving parliament. “We have tried everything, a parliament and lots of parties. What did it give us? And souk! ” For her, the referendum on a new constitution planned for the summer is still a good indicator of the country’s democratic health. ” Everyone will vote for a new constitution with this referendum, those who do not agree will say no, those who support it will say yes. It is democracy “, argues Emna.

Mohamed Amine Shouri, 33, came specifically from the city of Sousse to support the president despite the lack of economic progress since July 25. “It is true that the economic issue remains the priority, but unfortunately everything is currently plagued by the old regime’s corruption,” he said. “So everything has to be upgraded so that we can get back on track.”

Today, the government must deal with an inflation rate of 7.5% and a growing deficit. In this period of deep crisis, it is difficult to pursue reforms.

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