hiccups prevent some French people living abroad from

Legislative elections in France will take place on 12 and 19 June. But the 1.6 million French people living abroad can already vote. They appoint 11 deputies representing French citizens living abroad in the National Assembly. For these seats, the first round will be held this weekend and online voting has been open since Friday 27 May, but the technology has played a prank on voters who have not been able to vote.

From our correspondent in Berlin,

To be able to vote online, but remember that voting is not mandatory, French people living abroad must be registered on the consular electoral roll. To do this, they communicate an e-mail address and a mobile number to get a username and password sent separately via e-mail and SMS and which allows them to connect to the voting portal. After voting, a code is sent to validate and close the poll.

French people living abroad are the only ones who can vote online to appoint their 11 deputies. This possibility also exists for these voters in consular elections. A solution that is explained by the distances for many of these people to vote in the ballot box. They can also vote by mail, but the last day to register was at the end of March. The procedure is complex. Five years ago, a third of the postal votes were annulled. And to establish a power of attorney, you must know someone and still go in person to their consulate.

Problems sending validation codes Unfortunately, since the opening of online voting, voters have not been able to vote. If access to the voting portal worked, sending the validation code was the problem. Voters have tried many times without success. And changing computers solved nothing.

The 150 candidates were arrested by frustrated voters. One candidate explained that “these problems had hurt” and that frustrated voters were about not voting at all. The pressure increased on the administration. However, two full-scale tests in recent months had been completed without any problems.

Yahoo’s email addresses fell victim to these blockages. However, they represent about 13% of those registered in California, according to an elected official. Already some candidates have threatened to appeal these elections. French Insoumise leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon criticized Interior Minister Darmanin on Twitter for “an incorrect electronic voting system”.

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Towards increased participation? It seems that these problems are solved today. Since Monday night, several candidates from the 7th constituency of French people living abroad, including Germany, have confirmed that they have received feedback from voters informing them that the problems have disappeared. The Paris Foreign Ministry has not confirmed this information. If voters are not too frustrated, they still have until 12 noon on Wednesday, June 1, to vote online.

On Monday night, participation was 20% in the 7th district, which covers Germany, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. A good rating compared to a total turnout of 25% in 2017. Five years ago, the internet voting before the election was interrupted due to the risk of cyber attacks. We will see on the evening of the first round on Sunday whether the return of internet voting for these 11 constituencies after a first 2012 will have enabled an overall increase in turnout.

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