Competition for interim Somali parliamentary speaker stains the Immigration and Naturalization Department

MOGADISHU (HORNOB SERVANT) The fierce competition over who should chair the first session of the newly elected Somali Federal Parliament has now taken a new direction.

Fraud, lies and false documents are being used to derail the system, and a senior immigration officer in Mogadishu says even “threats and harassment were used to obtain documents”. This is not committed by ordinary people “It is being committed by top officials,” he adds.

General Mahad Abdirahman Adan (commander of the Somali Detention Corps), who became a member of parliament through an opaque corrupt selection process in Baidoa last month, has now changed his passport to increase his age. General Mahad (popularly called “Shub” for his derogatory statements about women and the disabled) is 67 years old, but according to immigration and naturalization sources, he has now been extended to 20 years and is now 87 years old. old.

General Mahad’s passport change was instructed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, who is seeking to nominate General Mahad from the Harin / Rahanweyn clan (also the father-in-law of President Abdiaziz Laftagareen) as interim president of Somalia’s 11th federal parliament.

Pursuant to Article 65 (1) 1 of the Provisional Constitution, the first session of Parliament shall be chaired by the oldest Member of Parliament. The interim chairman will have the power to lead the election of the Speaker and deputies of the Folketing. Farmajo’s camp is pushing to bring their favorite man to this seat.

Amid the ongoing controversy over the selection of new legislators, the new parliament is expected to sit on April 14, according to a schedule issued by the Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT).

For his part, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble himself ordered that the passport of Abdisalam Dhabancad from the Habagedir / Sa’ad clan be changed. The 78-year-old ambassador is widely regarded as the oldest lawmaker in the new federal parliament, but only if General Mahad’s false age is lifted. According to immigration officials who spoke with the Horn Observer, Dhabancad’s age has been extended by 10 years. He will thus be 88 years old.

To his chagrin, the leader of the Jubbaland state, Ahmed Madobe, failed to change the age of his favorite candidate, General Shahiyow (from the Geledle / Mirifle clan). The former military general Shahiyow, whose corrupt election (s) took place in Kismayo, is 67 years old. The director of immigration has rejected the request for age change for General Shahiyow.

“This is an abuse of the system of government and an abuse of the rule of law by top officials for their own greedy interests,” said Ahmed Mohamud, a Mogadishu-based lawyer.

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