between Tigrayans and Afars, the time of disagreement

After more than three months of occupation, the Tigray rebels in the TPLF have withdrawn from large parts of the Afar region. Before leaving, they vandalized the nearby province of Tigray. Public facilities, hospitals, houses have been searched, individuals executed or raped. However, the two communities were close until recently and were interdependent. Today, the wound is wide open on the Afar side and it will take time to close it.

With our special correspondent in Erebti, Noah Hochet-Bodin

Mohammed Abdallah returns home for the first time, to his hometown of Erebti. He has to return every night 100 kilometers away, to Afdera where his family is on the run: “I lost everything I had. We have lost everything. We do not even have anywhere to sleep again, too the Tigranian soldiers destroyed our homes. ”

“They are too unpredictable” Before the war, he, like many businessmen, sold his wares on both sides of the regional border, in Afar and Tigray, just 30 kilometers from Erebti: “Honestly, I do not think we will be able to trade as before given how they behaved here with our families, our elders and our wives.They are our neighbors, but we will no longer trust them.They are too unpredictable.

Broken link According to Abdusale Humo, a member of the Afar Anti-Corruption Commission, the link is broken between the two societies“We are very bitter because they killed civilians, raped women and stole private property. It will be very difficult to return to normal relations between Tigrayans and Afars. Why? Because we have a sense of revenge.”

However, some Afri clans dropped out and joined the Tigrayan trail.

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