arrests of officers in Ituri, accused of

At least nine army officers have been arrested in Ituri province. Some of them have been in prison since Sunday. They are accused of embezzling funds intended for the fight against armed groups in this province placed by Felix Tshisekedi in a besieged state.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Among the arrested officers are Colonel Landu Walter, Deputy Commander in charge of administration and logistics at the 32nd Military Region, and Colonel Djama Joshua, Regional Director of Community Education and Social Action. These arrests follow a check carried out by the FARDC’s general inspection at the purchasing commission.

The inspectors have checked supporting documents and other accounting documents and say in their report that they have found evidence of embezzlement and embezzlement of funds specifically intended for the ration of the troops deployed as part of the reinforcement of military operations.

The army is not the only one affected. On the police side, High Commissioner Laurent Kambolua has also been arrested. They were tried at the military prosecutor’s office in Bunia, in flagrant proceedings and the case and already under investigation, the spokesman for the army in the region confirms. According to the army, investigations are also continuing in Kinshasa.

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