a film about the assassination of anti-apartheid Dulcie September

More than 30 years after the assassination of Dulcie September in Paris, the documentary Murder in Paris, which returns to the store on Wednesday, May 4, was shown at the French ambassador’s residence in Pretoria. On March 29, 1988, the South African representative of the ANC in France, Nelson Mandela’s party, was shot in front of her office with five bullets to the head. Although the case has been dismissed by the French courts and the perpetrators of the crime have never been formally identified, the directors want the case reopened.

With our special correspondent in Pretoria, Claire Bargeles

For director Enver Samuel, it is important that his film continues to circulate, to accompany request for reopening of the file with the French courts:

“It’s not just a question of who pressed the trigger, but also who decided on this murder. The family wants all these answers, and knows why there has been all this long silence. I think today we must try make enough noise so that the matter is taken up again.

The documentary follows the journalist Evelyn Groenink’s investigation and the presumed connections between the murder of Dulcie September and his research on French arms sales to the embargo-bound apartheid regime.

It may therefore be surprising that the screening takes place in France’s residence, but for Ambassador Aurélien Lechevallier, the light must be shed on this affair:

“There are really suspicions of interference with certain services, not only French but also South African. I, I think you have to be comfortable with all that, it’s part of a memorial. As you have seen, on the African continent and Elsewhere, France is engaged in this work of remembrance: one must be transparent, one must be clear and one must participate in this work with all, so that the truth happens and if possible all justice is done.

According to Enver Samuel, the request to resume the file should be re-examined by French courts within the next few weeks.

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