Khatumo SSC’s Official Recognition as Somalia’s Newest Federal Member State

Khatumo Ssc's Official Recognition As Somalia's Newest Federal Member State

Friday September 8, 2023   

We are currently at a significant moment in the pursuit of a unified and thriving Somalia, where we must acknowledge the exceptional role played by the resilient people of Khatumo SSC. Their unwavering dedication has not only achieved substantial unity, but has come at great personal sacrifice for the betterment of our beloved motherland. After 63 years of SYL (Somali Youth League) and Darvish movements, the people of SSC have once again delivered the long-awaited unity that Somalia has been seeking. The formation of Khatumo State of Somalia, encompassing Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn regions (Khatumo SSC), serves as a beacon of hope for inclusive governance, empowered local authorities, and harmonious development in northern Somalia. This discourse aims to celebrate the immense significance of recognizing Khatumo SSC as a federal member state, emphasizing the extraordinary sacrifices made by its people, their unwavering commitment to unity, and their invaluable contributions to our nation.

A Triumph of Unity Forged in Sacrifice: The unity achieved in the Khatumo SSC region stands as a testament to the immeasurable sacrifices made by its people. The people of Khatumo SSC have not only achieved unity, but have paid the highest personal prices to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to our motherland. Recognizing their achievements and granting them official federal member status will be a humble tribute to their sacrifices.

Empowering Khatumo SSC: The call for recognition is a celebration of the local empowerment that has been earned through personal sacrifice and dedication. By endorsing Khatumo SSC as a member state, the federal government would be acknowledging the people’s role in rebuilding Las Anod and shaping their own destiny. This empowerment exemplifies the true essence of community-led development, a path paved with hard work, and, in some cases, tears and blood.

Unity Movement Forged: The formal recognition of Khatumo SSC as a federal member state would bring to the forefront an independent unity movement that has emerged from within the community. The unity achieved by the people of Khatumo SSC is not merely symbolic; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people who have faced unimaginable challenges and risen above them for the greater good.

The unity achieved by the people of Khatumo SSC is not just a political accord, but a testament to their unwavering resolve that has endured pain and hardship. Their sacrifices have transcended geographical boundaries and historical divisions, contributing to the construction of a stronger and more united Somalia.

Attracting Support: The recognition of Khatumo SSC would encourage external stakeholders and donors to join in supporting a success story that has been forged through extraordinary personal sacrifices. This recognition extends a heartfelt invitation to supporters to align with the aspirations of a region that has given its all for the cause of unity and progress.

The recognition of Khatumo SSC would be a clear testament to the strength and courage cultivated through exceptional leadership and personal sacrifice. Acknowledging the region’s unity movement underscores that lasting stability emerges from the resilience, bravery, and shared vision of its people.

A Call for Unity: The recognition of Khatumo SSC would not only acknowledge the incredible achievements of its people, but also serve as a resounding call for unity. It pays tribute to the sacrifices made by the people of Khatumo SSC, highlighting the federal government’s unwavering commitment to Somali unity, and honoring the priceless contributions made by these brave individuals.

In conclusion, the inevitable recognition of Khatumo SSC as a federal member state would be a moment of profound significance, paying tribute to the extraordinary sacrifices and unwavering commitment of its people. After 63 years of SYL and Darvish movements, the people of SSC have delivered the unity Somalia has long sought. The federal government’s endorsement would acknowledge that this unity has come at great personal cost, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the Somali people. By formally recognizing Khatumo SSC, Somalia celebrates not only a new federal member state, but also a people who have given their all for the cause of unity and progress. This recognition embodies our collective commitment to a stronger and more united Somalia, and stands as a tribute to those who have made the highest sacrifices for the motherland.

Ali Odowaa is a Canadian of Somali descent and a public policy commentator.

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