Kenya’s Political Parties Initiate Early Discussions to Address Ongoing Dispute

Kenya's Political Parties Initiate Early Discussions To Address Ongoing Dispute

Gloria Aradi
Thursday August 10, 2023

Representatives of the Kenyan government and the opposition held a meeting on Wednesday

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The government of Kenya and the opposition have established technical teams to lead discussions aimed at resolving the prolonged impasse that has resulted in violent protests in recent months.

On Wednesday, representatives from both sides convened for initial discussions to determine the way forward for negotiations, which will formally commence on August 14.

The assigned technical teams will work towards clarifying the agenda for the negotiation process.

A primary contentious issue revolves around the escalating cost of living. While the opposition seeks to address this matter, the government asserts that it is already undertaking efforts to tackle inflation and reduce the cost of essential commodities.

Additionally, the opposition is demanding an audit of last year’s elections, a non-partisan reconstitution of the electoral body, the recognition of political parties, and the involvement of the opposition in national affairs.

Kalonzo Musyoka, the leader of the opposition delegation, stated that the party will not be pursuing a power-sharing agreement.

The government delegation, led by Kimani Ichung’wa, the leader of the majority party, expressed its commitment to cooperating and resolving the concerns raised by the opposition.

Kenya’s President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga did not directly participate in the recent talks.

In April and May, the opposition temporarily suspended demonstrations to facilitate a similar bipartisan dialogue. However, protests resumed after the talks collapsed.

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