Kenya’s Defense Minister Announces Intensive Pursuit of Al-Shabaab Financiers


NAIROBI, Kenya – Aden Duale, Kenya’s Defence Minister, has announced a new strategy in the fight against Al-Shabaab militants. Duale stated that the government will now focus on targeting individuals who finance the terrorist group.

He expressed confidence in the multi-agency security teams working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the nation and defeat the militants. Increased surveillance and efforts by Special Forces and intelligence teams are being directed towards both the border with Somalia and the identification of financiers, both within and outside of Kenya.
Duale emphasized that a secure Kenya is crucial for the country’s economic growth and development. He called upon Kenyans to collaborate with security forces and provide information on any Al-Shabaab activities happening within the country.

“We are determined to eliminate terror cells and disrupt sources of funding,” Duale stated.
During a recent visit, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin pledged support for Kenya’s efforts in combating terrorism, both in the country and the region.

The collaboration between the two nations involves sharing intelligence and taking decisive action against terrorist infrastructure.

To counter the escalating threat posed by Al-Shabaab, Kenya has deployed Special Forces in the counties of Lamu, Garissa, Wajir, and Mandera, where the group has been causing significant unrest and instability. It is worth noting that Duale’s statements may elicit political reactions, as he had previously promised to reveal the identities of Al-Shabaab financiers during his tenure as Majority Leader, but has yet to fulfill this promise.