“Kenyan Troops Allegedly ‘Cohabiting’ with M23 Rebels in DRC”

The deployment of the East Africa Community Regional Force [EACRF] in DR Congo may be terminated by President Felix Tshisekedi due to their alleged “cohabitation” with M23 rebels.

Tshisekedi expressed his displeasure with the EACRF and called for more soldiers from the South Africa Development Community [SADC] to be deployed instead.

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The Kenya Defense Forces [KDF] make up the majority of the EACRF and are led by a Kenyan Force Commander. However, the General recently quit, citing threats to his life and sabotage.

KDF dismissed his claims and replaced him with another General. Meanwhile, Tshisekedi claimed that the EACRF was living together with M23 rebels and called into question the purpose of their mission.

The mandate for EACRF ends in June, and Tshisekedi stated that if the mandate was not fulfilled, the troops would be returned.

In the meantime, SADC will assess working areas and hold meetings with other regional associations to consider a coordinated approach in support of DR Congo.

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