Kenya to Unleash Border Points with Somalia Jammed Due to Al-Shabaab Assaults?

The Kenyan government has announced its decision to reopen three border posts with Somalia that were closed several years ago due to persistent Al-Shabaab attacks. The move, if it comes to pass, is expected to bring relief to traders across the two nations. The border points of Mandera/Belet Hawo [Belethawa], Liboi-Harhar/Dhobley and Kiunga/Ras Kamboni have been closed for the last twelve years by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration. However, his term ended before the conclusion of discussions, and Kenya is now leading talks to reverse the decision. The resumption of trade between the two countries and the free movement of people are among the key issues up for discussion in what has been termed as a “critical” meeting between the two nations. The meeting, which is scheduled to take place on Monday, will bring together six ministers from Kenya and Somalia. During discussions, a roadmap on the opening of the three border points and the resumption of trade will be inked, according to Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki. Also expected to be discussed are common security threats, improving border management and infrastructure as well as exchanging ideas and experiences on border security management.

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