Kenya supports UN Security Council’s resolution for the deployment of forces in Haiti


NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenya’s President William Ruto expressed his approval of the decision made by the United Nations Security Council to send mission forces to Haiti, a country in Central America facing security challenges due to armed gangs. In a video statement, President Ruto emphasized the importance and urgency of this mission, stating that it is a long-awaited and crucial step towards defining a multinational effort.
Ruto viewed the resolution as a significant milestone for global multilateralism, highlighting the emphasis on human security and dignity. The UN Security Council, consisting of 15 members, voted to authorize the deployment of mission forces to protect critical infrastructures in Haiti, such as airports, ports, schools, hospitals, and key intersections.
According to President Ruto, this resolution enables all nations to fulfill a collective moral responsibility to ensure justice and security for people worldwide. During his attendance at the United Nations General Assembly, Ruto expressed Kenya’s readiness to lead this mission, stating their determination to make a difference in the history of international interventions in Haiti.
Kenya’s strong background in mediating, making, building, and keeping peace has contributed to their commitment to supporting Haiti. Ruto emphasized that doing nothing in the face of human suffering is not an option, and success in Haiti is paramount to avoid failing its people.
Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres have been calling for international support since late 2022 to bolster the police force. However, previous failed interventions in Haiti had made many countries skeptical. Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees this resolution as the start of a new chapter in Haiti’s rebuilding process, encompassing its politics, economic development, and social stability.
The resolution calls for the deployment of a multinational security support mission, not officially a UN force, with a lead country coordinating with the Haitian government.