Kenya Releases List of Numerous Terror Suspects on the Run


In the coastal Lamu county, the individuals under suspicion are believed to be involved in the ruthless killings of innocent civilians. The government of Kenya has taken a step forward by publicly disclosing the names and photographs of 35 terrorism suspects who are thought to be responsible for recent acts of violence in the area. Among these suspects, there are Tanzanians, Somalis, a German, a British citizen, and even a Bangladeshi national, with the majority being Kenyan individuals. These suspects have strong connections to the placement of improvised explosive devices on various roads, as well as the brutal slayings of civilians along the Lamu-Witu-Garsen highway. Furthermore, they have been associated with an attack on the American military base situated in Manda Bay, Lamu, in the year 2020.

According to the Ministry of Interior, these suspects, who are regarded as “armed and dangerous,” are affiliated with the notorious “al-Shabab terror network.” This network is held accountable for meticulously plotting and executing deadly assaults not only in Lamu county but also in the broader Boni Enclave. In an attempt to apprehend these individuals, authorities have promised a substantial reward to anyone who can provide valuable information regarding their whereabouts.

Over the past few months, al-Shabab has intensified its attacks in the northeastern and coastal regions of Kenya. This militant group, which has ties to al-Qaeda, is currently facing a large-scale military operation in Somalia aimed at eradicating their presence.