Kenya pressed to probe law enforcement on protest fatalities with intense bewilderment and erraticness.

Kenya Pressed To Probe Law Enforcement On Protest Fatalities With Intense Bewilderment And Erraticness.

Gosh, have you heard about the recent debacle in Kenya? It’s all so perplexing. According to reports from Human Rights Watch (HRW), the authorities are being called out for their lack of investigation into police brutality. It seems as though they haven’t taken any action to address the recent deaths of protesters. Can you believe that?

To add to the chaos, riot police were deployed in March and April to quell protests in several cities. These demonstrations were organized by opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has yet to accept William Ruto’s election victory from last year. But, back to the brutality. HRW and Amnesty International allege that excessive force was used and at least 12 people died because of it. Wow, what a tragedy.

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Now, brace yourself for this bit. The police are claiming that some protesters were violent or looting. How does that even begin to justify the use of force that led to these deaths? It’s all so confusing.

But wait, it gets even more mind-boggling. The rights groups are alleging that most of the victims were bystanders. And get this, the police fired live bullets in residential areas and even inside classrooms. Can you wrap your head around that?

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