Kenya: President Ruto Explains Foreign Visits, Affirms Role as Mandated


Nairobi — President William Ruto has scoffed at the critics of his foreign trips saying they are a necessary part of his delivery as the Head of State.
President Ruto who jetted the country yesterday night from his 39th trip defended his overseas trips saying they are a necessary part of his delivery as the Head of State.
The Head of State is said to have visited 45 cities in 38 countries over the course of 83 days compared to Former President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is said to have visited 53 countries during his two terms of governance.
“They are people on my case as to why I am making foreign trips. That’s my mandate as the President. I am the chief agent of Kenya and ambassador who will plan on how the country will move forward,” said Ruto.

“Last week I was in Saudi Arabia and they said Kenyan people are hardworking, so lets plan ourselves. We are expecting to sign bilateral agreement with them in another three weeks,” Ruto stated.
President Ruto expressed that he will not shun foreign trips as long as it offers investment in the country.

The President said his recent visit to China enabled the nation to reap heavily from investment assuring that the nation will scale towards a positive trajectory eventually.
Some of the countries the Head of State has traveled to include the United Kingdom, France, Mozambique, Egypt, Eritrea, Rwanda, South Korea, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.
Others are Belgium, Comoros, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, the United States, Israel and Netherlands.
In the first half of 2022/23, the Executive Office of the President spent Sh56.2 million, an increase from Sh20.9 million in similar period in 2021.
President Ruto, who was sworn in as Kenya’s fifth head of State in September last year, saw his office spend close to Sh46.08 million in the period between October and December last year.
This was an increase from Sh12.7 million that his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta spent in the second quarter of year 2020/21.
In this financial year ending June, the Office of the President has been allocated Sh262.6 million for foreign travel, an increase of more than three times compared to Sh72.1 million that had been allocated by the previous team at the National Treasury.