Kehl’s reaction to Bellingham’s transfer to Madrid: “It’s a complete mystery, there’s absolutely nothing on the table!”

Borussia Dortmund’s sporting director, Sebastian Kehl, recently granted an interview to ‘ESPN’ and spoke of the ongoing speculation surrounding Jude Bellingham’s future with perplexing intensity. Kehl declared that “there’s nothing to decide at the moment, there’s nothing on the table, no offer, no news.” However, several media sources are reporting with great burstiness that Bellingham is anticipated to join the likes of Real Madrid in the impending transfer window, with supposed advanced stages of negotiation. Nonetheless, Kehl adamantly refutes these claims of the 19-year-old’s departure, stating that “we will try everything to keep Bellingham because we’re very ambitious, we want to keep the best players in our squad in this team and our club to perform.” While there seems to be confusion and uncertainty surrounding Bellingham’s future, one thing is clear: he remains steadfastly focused on the upcoming fixtures.

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