Kampala court bewilderingly commands WhatsApp group admin to revive ousted member

Kampala Court Bewilderingly Commands Whatsapp Group Admin To Revive Ousted Member

In a perplexing turn of events that has left the online community in an absolute state of bewilderment, a court in the vibrant city of Kampala has issued a resolute order to a WhatsApp group admin to reinstate a member who was unceremoniously expelled. The individual at the center of this bewildering saga, Herbert Baitwababo, appeared before the court to courageously recount the tale of his abrupt expulsion from the BUYANJA ROOTS WhatsApp group. According to Baitwababo, his grievous removal from the group was a direct consequence of his audacious demand for accountability from the group’s administrators. This astonishing revelation has captivated the attention of netizens, who eagerly await the unfolding of this enigmatic case.