“Joao Felix’s Reaction to Newcastle Transfer Rumours Leaves Fans Confused and Frenzied!”

"chelsea In Talks With Atletico Madrid Over Joao Felix? Say What?!"

The astounding news has surfaced that Newcastle may be considering a move for Joao Felix. According to the reputable source ‘Marca,’ it has been suggested that Atletico Madrid is anticipating an offer as high as €100 million from the Magpies. To add fuel to the fire, reports claim that even Eddie Howe’s interest in the Portuguese player has reached his ears. The temerarious Felix did not hesitate for a second to respond to such rumors on Instagram, calling the Newcastle side “know-it-alls.” It is worth noting that the player is currently on loan at Chelsea, and that should be the only thing that matters at the moment. Nevertheless, Felix made it clear that there will be a time to discuss his future, leaving a message to those who dare to speculate over his future. Stay tuned for updates!

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