I’ve Improved Tremendously, Far Beyond Expectations

I've Improved Tremendously, Far Beyond Expectations

Jude Bellingham, who scored two goals in Real Madrid’s victory over Almeria and is currently the top scorer for Carlo Ancelotti’s team with three goals in two games, expressed that he has become a “10 times better player” since joining his new club.

“I have improved significantly compared to last season. I feel comfortable playing alongside these players, and I’m learning a lot from my teammates. This is why I have been performing so well. There are still many games to play, and I need to continue growing and making a positive contribution,” Bellingham stated in an interview with Real Madrid TV.

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While Bellingham is pleased with his individual success, he emphasizes the importance of playing well and contributing to the team’s overall performance. “Scoring goals is not the main focus for me, although I enjoy it. What matters the most is helping the team win,” he added.

Reflecting on his first experience as a Real Madrid player, Bellingham mentioned how he had witnessed comebacks on television during his childhood. He now finds himself living in those moments and admires the calmness displayed by his teammates, as they are confident in their ability to turn the game around. “There is a sense of serenity within the team, and we never think that we are going to lose. Seeing the determined faces of my teammates gives me assurance that we will come back,” Bellingham shared.

Overall, Jude Bellingham’s performance and growth at Real Madrid have been impressive, and he looks forward to continuing his development and contributing to the team’s success.

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