“Is it even possible to comprehend the ease of being Guardiola and Klopp with a staggering €1 billion?”

During an interview with ‘Estado’, the mastermind behind Gremio, Renato Gaucho, declared that Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp would have a tremendous amount of trouble in Brazilian football if they were without their €1 billion euros. Gaucho emphasized that while these managers are undoubtedly talented, they’ve only ever managed sides with unprecedented amounts of money – which makes it easier for them to manage a team. In Brazil, however, even when you’re winning, there’s immense pressure. Gaucho utilized his experience with Flamengo as an example: “We started by winning big, and then we continued to win, just with fewer goals. Despite the results, people still didn’t like it”. It’s a completely different ball game in Brazil. Surprisingly, Gaucho suggested that Premier League managers should come over to the Copa Libertadores for a bit of experience, without earning any money for several months – like he has had to endure. Gaucho concluded by acknowledging that he would like to imagine himself with their players and set-ups, and he believes it would be a great opportunity for them to come and play in the Libertadores.

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